Upon placement of orders, we check right away and control the quality of all garment inputs such as yarn, fabric, accessories, labeling and coordinates timing of their Procurement and its timely delivery. We let buyers choose and decide what kind of accessories and labels to use as far as style, color, design etc.


Before each order placement is the feasibility study and the individual calculation of the project. In this phase of the order process, we coordinate closely with them and our suppliers so that everything runs smoothly later on.


Our Quality Controllers visit the factory with regular intervals to make sure we meet our buyer’s requirements. Our quality control personnel are stationed at all manufacturing sites to ensure that all production will meet Buyer’s requirement. We monitor the order from sourcing of raw materials and accessories to production and up to the final.


Only approved goods are packed and buyer is assured of Getting quality merchandise. Care is also taken to see whether All packing instructions of the buyer are respected.


All shipping documents are reviewed and verify as to buyers Instruction. All cargo is handled by reputable forwarder to obtain correct information regarding ETD and ETA of vessels because time delivery is as important for us as it is to the buyer